Rosa Veleno®

The world is full of fleeting trends and marginal talents, but every so often someone comes along whose artistry comes from real life experience—and Rosa Veleno® biologically known as Sheena Todd is one of them.

Starting out as a recording artist, making her way, she realized that there were a lot of things about the music industry that were unclear to upcoming musicians. The recent trademark owner went on her path of discovery completing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management, followed by an Associate of Arts Degree in Music Production from The Los Angeles Film School. Simultaneously, she took the opportunity to work under two powerhouse entertainment publicists, one in the urban community, and the other in the pop mainstream world. A collection of experiences used for clients and her own campaigns today.

Born in Birmingham, Alabama, raised on the west side of Detroit, and now making a home in Los Angeles, California. The well-traveled creator of Megaentivision LLC, recording artist, composer, songwriter, actress, videographer, editor, writer, publicist and U.S. Navy Veteran has been making a name for herself as a creative force. Working behind the scenes as a videographer & editor for artists & Events like Grammy Award Winner Vincent Berry, American Idol FINALIST Joshua Ledet, VH1’s Katrina “Kat Tat” Jackson and Casting Director “Twinkie Byrd” ASCAP, 4 The Love Sessions, MOVIE PREMIERES, & RED CARPETS to name a few. Published often as a artist, she joined forces with Lion Pack Music Group where they have serviced YouTube stars, major & power independent artists that have had songs on Billboard, Grammy, Stellar, as well as Emmy Awards—RECEIVING HER FIRST MAJOR WRITING CREDIT FOR cover page article PUBLISHED IN THE Hollywood Weekly after interviewing super producer Nate Jolley.

Her early years were marked by trials and tribulations out of her control. The aftermath of her oldest brother’s death led to her and her siblings growing up in the foster care system, but they pulled through.  As a songwriter & composer, Veleno considers herself a vessel. Her music resembles heavy influences that of ’90s R&B and Hip-Hop artists like Missy Elliott, Brandy, Left Eye and Da Brat. Often inspired by the vibrant culture from her travels around the world, she especially pays homage her hometown Detroit—from the legacy of Motown to the intricate footwork of Jit music—and her experience in the city is apparent in her fast paced, hustle hard, thick-skinned mentality. Veleno gives a lot of credit to music because she often used it along with comedy as a therapeutic outlet. She’s a woman of immense charisma and drive, and while she’s come a long way, really she’s just getting started.